Fun Facts

A full load of trash aboard the Rachel Carson.

Did you know...

  • the Tireless Project started in 2003.
  • the first boat was the Anna Hubbard, named after one of the last few American shantyboaters.
  • Nat Stone, one of the original collaborators, rowed from New York City through Pittsburgh to the Gulf of Mexico, Key West, and back to New York.
  • the state of Pittsburgh's rivers (full of tires and trash) made Nat Stone come back to help clean them up.
  • it took the work of at least 5 organizations to start the Tireless Project.
  • one of the first boat captains was a 12-year-old boy who volunteered almost every day.
  • photographers and artists worked with the trash to make it picturesque and thought provoking.
  • in the first year, 60 volunteers contributed 1300 hours and removed 65,000 lbs of trash!