Stanton Heights Cleanup - DumpBusters and Community Volunteers

What do 9000 lbs of trash, 16 volunteers, 3 Allegheny CleanWays staff, 1 dumptruck, and 1 cameracrew have in common? All of them were at the dumpsite cleanup in Stanton Heights this past Saturday. The coordination and teamwork of the volunteers was exquisite. In just a few hours they managed to move over 4 tons of trash up a steep hillside and fill up the 12-yd dumptruck 3 times! Some of the treasures of the day included a UPMC sanitary services cart, a toilet, a cute panda toy, a lawnmower, and the old street sign from the days when street signs were white.

Volunteers from the Morningside Area Community Council and the Stanton Heights Neighborhood Association held concurrent litter cleanups nearby. Thank you to everyone who came out to help clean up the dumpsite and to WPXI for filming both the dumpsite and litter cleanups. We also appreciate former Councilman Dowd's office for reporting the dump site to us and assisting in the planning and coordination of a successful volunteer work day.

DumpBusters had been to the site in Stanton Heights seven times prior to stage the metal and trash for easier disposal. Previous visits had DumpBusters cutting work trails, digging up buried trash, and removing over 100 tires. As of this weekend, the totals are 9800 lbs loose debris, 1100 lbs of metal, and 137 tires with 103 volunteer hours. Now on to clean the rest of the county!