DriftCombers is our newest program that gets small groups of experienced volunteers into difficult areas of the riverbank that our regular Tireless events can't access. DriftCombers is a small group of 5 to 7 specially-trained volunteers that are led by a staff member and go out on our boat, the Rachel Carson, to collect debris and other trash along the riverbanks. It is modeled after our land-based DumpBusters program and we hope to send out regular crews multiple times this year.

DriftCombers provides a closer river experience with the volunteers because participants remain on the Rachel Carson for the duration of the event. This fosters a deeper relationship with our waterways in Allegheny County while providing an important trash and debris removal service. 

Thank you to all who have participated in DriftCombers already and we hope to see you and new volunteers out on the river this year! Please contact Evan for more information about DriftCombers and to be added to our mailing list.