Evolution E-cycling, the New Recycler in Town

Ever since the ordinance about recycling televisions and other electronics came into effect in January of 2013, Allegheny CleanWays has been finding more computers and TVs dumped over hillsides and left on street corners. The Pittsburgh Department of Public Works does not collect electronics because they are the responsibility of the owner and so they stay on the roadside or dumpsite. Some big stores including Best Buy and Staples and other stores will accept some electronics if they don’t work, but will not accept dirty, falling apart electronics like the ones ACW finds on a regular basis. ACW used an electronic recycler from the outskirts of the city and would take the broken electronics there, but Evolution E-cycling was recently certified for electronic recycling.

Evolution E-cycling is located just off of Carson Street on the south side of Pittsburgh. They offer a variety of services including electronic recycling, data security, universal waste recycling, and IT asset recovery. They are an important resource both for the city and for Allegheny CleanWays because of their convenient proximity and efficiency. If you ever need to recycle electronics, give Evolution E-cycling a call at 412-390-3450!