Hey buddy, can you spare a tire?

Citizens in the California-Kirkbride neighborhood and Allegheny CleanWays DumpBusters have just completed a cleanup on Morrison Street hilltop that extended down the hillside almost to Brighton Road.  The multi-day cleanup took place on Monday, November 8th, 15th and 22nd 2010.

The steep wooded hillside that starts at the top of Morrison St. and continues down to Brighton Rd., has over the years been a dumping ground for tires (many with rims), seats out of vehicles, windshields, radios and various car/truck parts. (Maybe from a garage?).

While disposing of tires has historically been a problem, there are drop-off places in both the city and county where the tires can be disposed of legally.

Within in the City of Pittsburgh, tires can be dropped off at:

  • East End Drop-Off Center: North Dallas Ave. at Hamilton Ave., 412-665-3609
  • Hazelwood Drop-Off Center: Melanchton Ave. off 5200 block of Second Ave., 412-422-6524
  • West End Drop-Off Center: Next to Herschel Field, 412-937-3054 (from Steuben St., turn on Herschel St., turn right on Hassler St. and pass salt igloo)

There is no charge for up to two tires per day and no limit on how many times you may come.

Outside of the city, tires to be dropped off at:

  • Import/Export Tire (now Mr. Tire): Monroeville
  • Liberty Tire: Braddock
  • Pro Tire: Whitehall

Most tire dealers will accept used tires for a small fee.

Hey, if you are going to drive to your favorite illegal dumpsite to dispose of tires, then you may as well go the extra mile and dispose of them legally, and not face a potential $10,000 fine if caught. Hmm… I wonder if that is $10,000 per tire?