Beautification and Stewardship

Beautification and stewardship are integral in helping to change the perception of a site that has been cleaned and keeping it from becoming trashed again. Each site we clean is evaluated for how to best restore it and keep it clean. In some cases, we work with other organizations to plant trees, native plants and shrubs or to install gardens on the site. In other cases, we work with local residents to monitor and steward the site.

Stewardship is the management and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. Volunteers may monitor former dumpsites, restore the ecological health of green spaces, or adopt roadways through Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

Levels of Involvement

  • Site Monitor: Visually assess former dumpsites to see if more dumping has occurred. Communicate regularly with ACW to confirm that the area remains clean.

  • Site Steward: Actively clean up litter and minor dumping in the area to avoid attracting more debris, in addition to visually monitoring the site.

  • Urban EcoSteward: Adopt a small section of land to correct problems that might exist on the site, in addition to preventing re-dumping and litter accumulation. This enables us to help improve the overall health and natural value of the land. Urban EcoStewards receive one-on-one training on the site they have chosen to steward and attend free group trainings on relevant issues. Training workshops cover such topics as invasive plant identification and removal techniques, wildflower identification, erosion control, native shrub and tree identification, native seed collection, and techniques for leading a crew of volunteers.

  • Roadway Adoption: Receive equipment and technical support to adopt a section of a county or municipal roadway to keep it litter-free through the Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful Adoption Program.