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ACW August Newsletter - Volunteers Pitch In To Support Stanton Heights Community Composting

by Leah Thill

A few weeks ago a handful of volunteers gathered to learn firsthand about the community composting project in Stanton Heights. After a grand tour, they heard from Mike Sturges about the history of the project and tips on how to prevent odor and how to reach appropriately warm temperatures within the compost pile. 

ACW August Newsletter - Recycle Your Kitchen and Yard Waste: How to start your own compost pile

by Leah Thill

Growing up, I don't remember my family having much success with composting. Piles of slimy vegetables, putrid fruits, and moldy bread piled up and sat there for months untouched. It smelled bad, attracted animals, and repelled me. 

This article is for those of you who have never tried composting, or who have tried perhaps for years and wondered why the magic never happened. 

Christmas tree recycling

Now that Christmas is over, you can get rid of your Christmas tree in a way that keeps giving back to the environment. Evergreen trees make great mulch and our City and County both welcome your used tree for recycling.

In the city, Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works has announced four drop-off locations for residents who want to recycle their Christmas trees.

They will be collecting the trees until January 29th, Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

The drop off locations are: