Hey buddy, can you spare a tire?

Citizens in the California-Kirkbride neighborhood and Allegheny CleanWays DumpBusters have just completed a cleanup on Morrison Street hilltop that extended down the hillside almost to Brighton Road.  The multi-day cleanup took place on Monday, November 8th, 15th and 22nd 2010.

The steep wooded hillside that starts at the top of Morrison St. and continues down to Brighton Rd., has over the years been a dumping ground for tires (many with rims), seats out of vehicles, windshields, radios and various car/truck parts. (Maybe from a garage?).

Diaz Way, Hill District

On Saturday, March 13, 50 members of the Boys and Girls Club members visiting Pittsburgh for a conference joined local residents and helped clean up Diaz Way, Colwell Ave., Lombard Street, and Dinwiddie Street in the Hill District. The students and residents removed close to 300 tires and 3/4 tons of litter and other debris.

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This accumulation of tires was not the result of local citizenry, but a criminal act by a tire dealer or hauler.  Most of these tires were dumped over a wall on Diaz Way by someone trying to avoid the disposal fee. The fine for dumping in the city is $10,000 which would far exceed that fee.