Stanton Heights Cleanup - DumpBusters and Community Volunteers

What do 9000 lbs of trash, 16 volunteers, 3 Allegheny CleanWays staff, 1 dumptruck, and 1 cameracrew have in common? All of them were at the dumpsite cleanup in Stanton Heights this past Saturday. The coordination and teamwork of the volunteers was exquisite. In just a few hours they managed to move over 4 tons of trash up a steep hillside and fill up the 12-yd dumptruck 3 times! Some of the treasures of the day included a UPMC sanitary services cart, a toilet, a cute panda toy, a lawnmower, and the old street sign from the days when street signs were white.

ACW August Newsletter - Found: Amazing Jazz Bands at Tireless Cleanup

by Theresa Smith

Our latest Tireless Friday on the South Side at 4th Street brought out more than 30 volunteers. We took several volunteers across the Monongahela to clean up the Mon Wharf area, where they collected more than ten bags of trash and an industrial refrigerator door. A large tv was also found along the South Side bank. Thanks to our partners, Friends of the Riverfront, volunteers also picked up trash, removed knotweed, and performed tree maintenance along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail.

From "Ewww" to "Oooo!": My Adventures with Allegheny CleanWays by Sam Bigley

When you think of a trash cleanup, what generally comes to mind? A day of picking up an endless stream of bottles and cans, plastic bags, and scraps of paper off the side of the road? You've probably been made to wear one of those embarrassing orange safety vests, as well. While I cede that I've picked up countless bottles and cans, the cleanups that I've participated in with Allegheny CleanWays go so much further than the side of the road.  

Josephine St., South Side Slopes Clean-Up Pictures

Finally, the Josephine St. clean-up photos are up on Facebook. Sorry for the delay. This was a great day on the South Side Slopes taking 40 tires, 40 bags of trash and about 2 tons of scrap including 1 motorcycle off of the hillside near Arlington Heights.

A big thanks to our supporters Anheuser-Busch through Frank B. Fuhrer Wholesale Company, Keep American Beautiful through our state organzation Pennsylvania Cleanways, and PRC for the "Taste of the South Side". Thanks to the students from Duquesne (and Sammi from Pitt) and all of the volunteers for making it a great day.