Allegheny CleanWays Gets A Truck!

After much hard work and discussion, the Board of Directors made the decision for Allegheny CleanWays to purchase a 1992 Toyota 4WD pickup, fulfilling a long term organizational dream. Board member Jack Rearick contributed many long hours in getting the truck into top condition and ready for hard work.  The truck has already been used actively at the Duck Hollow site and we can tell that it will revolutionize the work we do. In addition to enabling our DumpBuster crew to carry all necessary equipment, it provides a means of transporting large quantities of debris to staging areas. The 4WD capability has proven to be quite useful this winter, allowing our DumpBuster crew to maintain effort on the multi-year cleanup project in Duck Hollow. You can look forward to seeing the truck at all ACW events this year.

Our new 1992 Toyota!

DumpBusters on WTAE

Pittsburgh's WTAE Channel 4 has just aired a very nice article on Allegheny CleanWays' rapid response team, the DumpBusters. The crew of volunteers has been cleaning up dumpsites around the City of Pittsburgh for over six months now.

Hey buddy, can you spare a tire?

Citizens in the California-Kirkbride neighborhood and Allegheny CleanWays DumpBusters have just completed a cleanup on Morrison Street hilltop that extended down the hillside almost to Brighton Road.  The multi-day cleanup took place on Monday, November 8th, 15th and 22nd 2010.

The steep wooded hillside that starts at the top of Morrison St. and continues down to Brighton Rd., has over the years been a dumping ground for tires (many with rims), seats out of vehicles, windshields, radios and various car/truck parts. (Maybe from a garage?).

Allegheny CleanWays' 2010 Volunteer of the Year

About a year ago, Joe Divack was paying his respects to relatives buried in a cemetery in the Sheraden section of Pittsburgh. As he was leaving the cemetery, he noticed some litter and debris. Further investigation led to the discovery of an illegal dumpsite. It took Joe numerous visits, but he completely removed that illegal dumpsite. By the time he finished, he was hooked! Throughout the winter, Joe used the Pittsburgh Illegal Dumpsite Survey to locate and clean up dumpsites, usually working daily.   By spring, Joe was a regular at all of Allegheny CleanWays cleanups. Joe was the impetus to the Allegheny CleanWays’ Rapid Response Team (DumpBusters), a small group of seriously committed and trained volunteers who respond quickly to dumping situations.

Allegheny CleanWays was proud to honor Joe at Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful's Annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner at the Fred Rogers Center, St. Vincent's College, Latrobe, PA on October 27th, 2010.

Joe Divack accepting a custom-made walking stick.