Board Member Spotlight: Jack Rearick

What is your position on the board? I do not have a particular position, just a board member.
Why are you on the board for ACW? I believe in what ACW is doing and want to support it.
What is your future dream for Allegheny Cleanways? That it becomes a self sustaining organization with a long term future.
Where did you attend college? Computer Tech
What do you do for work? I run an IT Project Management Office.
What is your favorite book? Rumi - The Voice of Longing by Coleman Barks
What types of activities do you do in your free time? Kayaking, Hiking, Biking, and loving the people I am with.
What is your favorite thing about Pittsburgh? Great theater, great art museums, wonderful parks, all in a small city.
Where is your favorite Pgh hang-out spot? Anywhere outdoors in nature.

Eli and Chad: Volunteers of the Year!

Ever hear of a dump-bustin’dynamic duo with super human powers? You won't find it in the movies, but Allegheny CleanWays has it in Eli Thomas and Chad Stewart.

Board Member Spotlight: Travis Longacre!

What is your position on the board? - General Board Member

Why are you on the board for ACW? - I had been looking for an opportunity to get more involved in charity work and the community beyond just volunteering my time here and there, so I was hoping to find an opportunity to work on a board where I could help set direction and grow the charity. What drew me to ACW is that it is helping to make our neighborhoods safer and more attractive, as well as trying to educate people to prevent future dumping and littering.

What is your future dream for Allegheny Cleanways? - To help the organization grow to make a larger impact on the area. It would be wonderful if we could get to the point where we financially support a large staff of people to lead more cleanups and provide a greater impact.

Check out our new Education Materials!

We were able to purchase new watershed education materials with a grant from Allegheny County Conservation District and we are very excited to begin working with students. We will be working closely with a few of our Tireless Partners (Pennsylvania Resources Council, Nine Mile Run Watershed Organization, Allegheny County Conservation District) to make some exciting new changes and improvements to our watershed education program. If you are an educator or work with youth groups and are interested in service learning trips, please consider us!


Land Banks and Us

On April 14, 2014, Pittsburgh City Council passed a land bank bill. The city’s website defines a land bank as “a locally-created, locally-controlled, state-enabled, single-purpose entity whose job it is to amass, inventory, manage and market blighted, abandoned and tax foreclosed properties that are sitting deteriorated and unused, bringing down property values and depressing the local market.” The goal of the Land Bank is to empower communities to deal with blighted property and to drive development by giving neighborhood residents a voice in the decision-making.